Activities in Italy

ISCOS E.R., precisely due to it’s being an NGO that originated from a trade union, pays particular attention to activities in Italy, especially in collaboration with local groups and trade unions. This is why there cannot be a change without calling our concepts of life and development into question. Our activity in the Emilia-Romagna region therefore wants to open spaces for reflection and meetings in which not only development cooperation and solidarity are discussed, but also models, representations of the other, differences and intervention.

From 1990, ISCOS E.R. have had young people involved in their activities every year, for periods of civil service, internships and volunteering. Also thanks to the convection in being between the University of Bologna and CISL, various young people do their internships at the ISCOS office every year, contributing to the day-to-day activities of the institution and thus approaching the activities of international development cooperation.
Degree Course: International Development and Cooperation

From 2007, ISCOS E.R., together with ALAI (CISL Association of Atypical and Temporary Workers) have been organising the cinema festival “Earths at Work, an opportunity to go inside the trade union, follow the screenings of films or documentaries addressed, and at the end of the showing, to enjoy a brief encounter with some protagonists or experts in the field that was introduced.

As a member of Alternative Commerce of Ferrara, ISCOS E.R. promotes the purchase of fair trade products, especially on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.

ISCOS E.R. has always been trying to enable a relation of collaboration with local schools: the ISCOS E.R. operators are available to arrange meetings about topics around the North-South relations in the world, development and de-growth models, cooperation projects, immigration, etc… involving experts and/or direct witnesses, depending on availability, and also offering educational courses which use films about the main themes of interest, books, photographs.

Together with ALON, the operational unit of ISCOS in Forlì-Cesena, organises the Course for International Mediators of Peace “Bertinoro 2008”, the aim of which it is to provide the first basic instruments for interested people to study and experiment with ways of non-violent solution of conflicts, also on an international level by means of the Civil Peace Bodies instrument.

Among other activities organised by ISCOS from 2008 were:

-Brazil: a glance into the future, meeting with Lina Boff (Reggio Emilia, 25th January 2008).
-Music and solidarity: Edoardo Bennato in concert, Bologna, 24th May 2008.
-Conference: De-growth, Reciprocity and Cooperation: the trade union in the face of a new way to understand development, labour, and society, Imola, 14th June 2008.
-1st “Enrico Giusti Cup” Tournament, Bologna, 10th-27th June 2008
-Photo exhibition “2 Drops of freedom” (Ethiopia), Bologna 14th-26th October
-Festival of Rights/Laws (in collaboration with COONGER), Ferrara 15th-31st March 2009

ISCOS also supports the “Signs of Peace” organised by the Province of Bologna.


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